10 Year Anniversary Kustom Thrills Tattoo

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What a way to spend a Sunday, but to celebrate 10 years with Kustom Thrills Tattoos in Nashville, TN. The parking lot was packed all day and night with kustom hand-built rods. The Poor Boys CC and the Voodoo Kings CC were cruising in style from T-Buckets, to Mercs, from Cadillacs to Impallas, the annual Rock n Rods didn’t skip a beat!

The live entertainment today came from all over the world. Starting out of Indiana was Kenny Taylor and the Tikiongas. From Surf Rock to some interesting covers with a twist. The kool back story of Kenny Taylor is that he use to play with Nic Roulette of Hillbilly Casino. At the very end of the night, the two reunited with a mix of Hillbilly Casino and the Tikiongas. The second band, the V8 Wankers out of Germany, took holiday and came across the pond just to hang with Chris Saint Clark and play for Rock n Rods. Now, you want to talk about a show? The V8 Wankers killed it with an explosive set and the never ending last song request. They didn’t come all the way from Germany just to drink up the American iconi beer, PBR. They came to “rock this town” with Chris Saint Clark and Kustom Thrills Tattoo! The closing band was no other than Hillbilly Casino. These guys are no strangers to the entire crew of Kustom Thrills Tattoo. Hillbilly Casino put on their explosive entertaining performance playing most of all the crowds favorites and a few songs that haven’t been played in a while. The treat though of the night was when Hellfire Revival came out to play a few songs. Chris Saint Clark, Gary Burney and Mighty Matt Arnn killed it for the finale of the night before Hillbilly Casino wrapped things up playing a few songs of the past with the Tikiongas.

The beginning part of the week continued our celebration with Chris Saint Clark as we ran through Nashville. We made time to find the Vinyl Bunker, home of Jason Galaz and the Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender and Muddy Roots. Oh, and we had to stop in the Cash Museum. After, we headed over to Chris Saint Clark’s garage where we took the time to shoot his 50’s Merc for an upcoming issue in Grease Inc. and also shoot our next featured Rag Doll for May. We put out just a couple of teasers on Instagram, so give them a look @greaseinc. In the garage, Chris has it set up as the rehearsal space for Hellfire Revival. Look for upcoming shows later this year. We sat down for a recorded session preparing for an exclusive interview and release for a Dashboard Confessional later in the year.

Here’s to another great 10 more years at Kustom Thrills Tattoo. The crew up here is hospitable and the environment is overwhelming. Kustom Thrills Tattoo is located in East Nashville featuring full tattoo and creative services in a clean, sterile environment. Now featuring Octane! Art Gallery inside the studio. Give them a look on-line and when in town stop by for some amazing art, http://kustomthrills.com/

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