2016 Motorcycle Legislation

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  • January 24, 2016
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The 2016 Legislative Session, started on Monday, and we need ABATE Members to get the word out about what we fighting for. Everyone should remember the Legislative Agenda is voted on by the ABATE Board of Directors, want to add something? Don’t like something then become a member of ABATE or if you are already a member then bring it to your DC and ask them to change the Agenda for 2017. But Members need to remember this agenda needs to be spread to every Georgia motorcyclist on social media. Let’s get the word out..ABATE’s Legislative team is already at the capitol working and they need everyone at home to pitch in and help out. Hitting your SHARE button is the easiest way to do that.

ABATE of Georgia can now advise that there are two motorcycle bills active in the Georgia General Assembly for 2016, HB166 Is our primary legislative effort this year to address the condition of the dead Redlight and Georgia’s current handlebar height limit. Also we now can report that HB 797 is official, this bill will remove the legal requirement for motorcycle riders above the age of 18 to wear protective headgear in Georgia. If you are a motorcycle rider you are encouraged to reach out to your House of Representatives members and tell you would like them to support these bills. ABATE of Georgia can also report that the sponsor of SB116 (2013-2014 session) Senator Thompson has agreed to bring back the bill this year, 116 will raise the crime of killing a motorcycle rider with a vehicle to what is called a crime of a High and Aggravated nature, this means increased fines and longer jail times for anyone who kills a biker in Georgia, in 2014 this bill was passed by the Georgia Senate but killed in the house by members friendly to the Insurance lobby without explanation. Lastly on this closing day of the second week of session we can report that we are working with legislators to address at least one more point of the ABATE of Georgia Legislative Agenda, we will report further information as soon as we have an additional bill number to report.

For more information and to join ABATE of Georgia go to: http://www.abatega.org/

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