9 Year Anniversary with Grease Inc. and Garage71

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  • October 30, 2017
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I am taking the time to write this month’s editorial in the middle of setting up for Hell on Wheels. There is a ton that goes on behind the scenes. From months of planning and coordinating, to working with vendors and sponsors, and then throwing in the mix of satisfying attendees. It is a large task for anyone to take on, whether a small event or extremely large. Heck, sometimes the larger events seem to be easier than smaller or more intimate events.

The toll from entertainment goes unnoticed most of the time and it should. To place into perspective, I will have slept in our road bus more than my own bed by the beginning of November. There will be more showers in stalls in a field and in hotel rooms, than my own. There will be more nights away from family than most. There is a deep passion to entertain. It is a “high” that can only be experienced from watching the crowds. I watch how people enjoy themselves. I watch for smiles, laughter, and how people are interacting. I look for emotional triggers that get spectators involved and engage with them. I have our sponsors in the spotlight and show gratitude at every level of appreciation. It is a motivator. It is an experience to bring pleasure to all who are able to attend any event or show our crew works with. It is our goal to entertain you so you can escape for a moment and take that moment to enjoy life.

For me, my biggest rewards are two fold. On the one hand, I get to be a part of bringing that moment or experience to you. I get to meet so many people coast to coast. I, and the crew, work very hard to create those experiences that make life-long memories that you talk about for years. That is one of the biggest rewards of what we do. The second is to come home from one-too-many long days and nights on the road to some of the most amazing girls and our fur kids. The moment I walk through that door, it is an experience without words. It is peace. Everything is left at the door. From the pouncing of puppies and their licks, to seeing “my sunshine” and her smile of an ever growing up teenager, to the welcome home kiss of my beautiful wife, followed by the laughs of “Ok, now go get a shower before you sit down and relax”. It is home. It is the biggest reward of all. I realize every time leaving I am missing out on something, whether good or bad. It takes a toll, as sometimes I have missed some special moments. But, I know what I do get is all the stories and shared memories and the experiences of my girls and our family.

Hell on Wheels marks year 9 for us at Garage71 and Grease Inc. It has been a roller coaster of a ride. The experience has been amazing thus far, even through all the challenges we go through, hoping only for people to see our intent and end goal. I want to thank everyone who has shared an experience with me and my crew. It is you who inspire us to entertain. It is you who challenge us to do better each and every time we are in front of an audience. I look forward to many more years to come. As we set up Hell on Wheels, we are continuing to work on other events like the Thunder Beach Rally at the Boardwalk Beach Resort, to Ink & Oil Awards Show in January. We live the lifestyle. We are dedicated. We appreciate each and every one of you that have come out to one or several of our shows. Those who have supported us by getting a subscription or buying some merch. We thank our advertisers, sponsors, and endorsements, an value every one as an individual relationship. We appreciate all the feedback and years of great laughs and good times. 2018 is right around the corner. As we head into our 10th year, I look forward to all the new experiences ahead. We will be bringing Hell on Wheels to Great Britain next year, in addition to returning to the Atlanta Dragway next October 12th & 13th, 2018. We look forward to making several announcements this winter on our 2018 schedule. Please check up on us on social media on a regular basis and visit our site at garage71.com. d

Thank you for 9 years!!! Until next year’s blow out, ride it like you stole it…..

Rog Doll model: Ms. Ava Fairlane
Cover Photo credit: Brooklyn Brat

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— with Britney Moore.

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