Batmobile Invades Ink ‘n’ Iron

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This weekend, Ink ‘n’ Iron make their Nashville debut with a lineup sure to impress. One band we don’t see often in the southeast is Dutch band Batmobile. Formed in 1983, the band still performs with the same lineup at festivals and events around the globe. I had an opportunity to ask lead singer, Jeroen Haamers, a few questions leading up to this weekend’s festival.
Reverend Andy: What do you think lends to the band’s long-lasting success and love from fans?
Jeroen Haamers: I think we’re the luckiest people on earth, though we have worked and still work hard for it, we don’t take anything for granted.
RA: What musicians have you been listening to lately?
JH: For me it’s always Elvis, he’s number one each and every day. Of course I listen to other artists and bands as well, like Cash (a lot of country now that I think of it), ancient rockabilly and classics like Ramones and Motorhead
RA: Touring internationally, you’ve seen rockabilly scenes all over the world. What are the most prominent differences and similarities?
JH: Audiences react differently in every country. In Finland you’ll get the most drunk and crazy people ever…..though the Russians are tough to beat in that area too. Japanese audiences are very polite and kind but if you get them going properly, they get mental as well. So there’s the similarity, if you beat them hard enough they’ll all loose their minds eventually
RA: Your favorite song to perform live?
JH: Tough one. Whichever makes the people go the most mental that night.
RA: What’s it like having played with the same guys for over 30 years?
JH: It was normal for us most of the time, but in hindsight it’s pretty damn amazing!
Catch Batmobile performing on the Ink ‘n’ Iron Gretsch Stage Saturday evening at 5pm.
 Interview by “The Right Reverend” Andy

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