Discovery Channel’s Rusty Nuts Originals returns to Hell on Wheels

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Rusty Nuts

“We are bikers, hot rodders, rat rodders, creators, and artists. We specialize in VINTAGE motorcycles and autos. We offer Factory Certified Harley Davidson service and repair. We also offer paint, pinstriping, machining, welding, and a full range of fabrication.”

Meet Rusty Nuts Originals

We are not your typical hot rod and motorcycle shop. We’re here because we love what we do and attitudes are checked at the door. We pride ourselves on providing a comfortable environment for our customers to ask questions and to get quality service done quickly at a reasonable price.

Andy Parker


Andy is an MMI Graduate with Factory Harley Davidson Certification. He is truly one of the best Harley mechanics in the country. Aside from repairing or making your bike perform better, he has a deep passion for creating whatever you desire…no matter what it is. He is a very experience fabricator with a flare for the tastefully abnormal. When it comes to cars, he is also no slacker. In fact, he really enjoys figuring out how just about anything works and repairing or improving it.

Outside the shop doors, his favorite activities include volunteering at his church, hunting and fishing (especially pigs), wheeling mini bikes, telling Zach how old he is and just about anything with his wife, Merri and daughter, Josie.

Nick Skarzenski


Nick’s initial experience stems from working in the automotive racing industry building and fabricating complete cars and replacement components. His favorite part of his job now is working with customers to build motors tailored to their needs and desires. Not much is more therapeutic to him than taking flat pieces of sheet metal or tubing and hammering, rolling, bending, gutting, welding and grinding it into just about anything.

His favorite outside the shop activities include hunting big game, camping, driving our altered drag car, shooting, winning friendly mini bike races at all costs and, most of all, spending time with his wife Toni and son Tristan.

Zach Guttery


Zach is the man to see if you need parts or to schedule service work. Zach runs the showroom and is always willing to go the extra mile to find what you want or need. His love of hotrods and motorcycles has had him involved in the scene for over a decade and working with us for over 3 years.

Outside the shop, his favorite activities are playing guitars and making music. He’s been a guitar instructor for more than 8 years. He also loves to cook. Somebody has to when we are on the road and he is good at it. Above all, he loves spoiling his daughter Quinn. And boy does she ever have him wrapped around her little finger! You’ll know what we mean if you see the roof of his car or ask him to tell you why he has a tattoo of a donut on his hand.

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