Featured Artists Announced at Hell on Wheels!

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  • August 23, 2016
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Sid Garrand ……..
Started this crazy adventure sculps of spawn and working in the comic industry on the Retail level.  He moved on to doing mods on Motorcycles and started making custom kits for them and they were looking quite nice.  After some time of the regular ho hum what to do next , Sid was driven to see if he could produce a Halo Master Chief suit ,  taking techniques and skills he learned from fiberglass and resin from the Bikes and the beginning sculpts;  he went on to create an impressive working fully contained with lights and fans Master Chief Suit.  He decided to wear this suit to Dragon Con that year and was quickly contacted by MicroSofts Legal team.  To Sid’s surprise the company was looking to hire him and have him make a Suit for everyone of there global offices.   This propelled Sid into some really incredible jobs making suits for video games and even working making movie props.   Since he has taken this to a whole new level He mods out Vehicles , Suits ,  Weapons and much much more.13516206_1137505259642308_4374558811384845347_n
   He is the hit of the Cosplay world as everyone wants his helmets and suits.  He has found of late that he has some super secret properties he is working on , and if all goes well will be able to make the big announcement at the Hell on Wheels show.  Sid has gained such renown in the Film industry now that he finds himself bidding for jobs against Stan Winston studios , and has proved that he can do the job cheaper and in some cases even better than Stan’s studio.
 ( the pics below will have the Master Chief Suit that started it all , an Iron Man suit he made to prove he could do it cheaper than Stan Winston and a whole lot more , the current is the Joker and Harley Quinn Predator Masks)13321684_1113450378714463_3145540327894677478_n
 Come out to meet Sid Garrand at Hell on Wheels 8 this year. Featured artist at this year’s Kustom Kulture Art Show, Sid Garrand will be featuring new auto build projects as well as several costume builds. Come meet the artist behind the mask this October 1st, in Historic Canton. For more information go to: http://hellonwheelsevent.com/www.hellonwheelsevent.com/Home.html
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