Final Round of the Battle of the Bands 2017 at Porterdale Bar and Grill

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  • November 28, 2017
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This coming Saturday, December 2nd, at Porterdale Bar & Grill, are the finals for the Battle of the Bands. Garage71 has been the host over the last three years at one of the most eclectic collections of local music. The crew has enjoyed music genres including Rock, Blues, Americana, Indie Rock, Country, Metal, and even Punk. The bands have traveled hundreds of miles covering southeastern states for this opportunity to win $1k in cash as well as some great collaborations with Garage71 radio.

The winner of this week’s battle will be the recipient of the $1k cash grand prize. In addition, Grease Inc. magazine will feature the band in a future issue scheduled for 2018 promoting the band while also offering exposure to thousands of readers. Several bands that have competed in the past has gone on to be hired through Garage71 at various rallies or national events nationwide. This has always been one of the most exciting promotions as PBG gets some amazing upcoming and serious talent to jam with their guests over the month of November, but it also gives the opportunity to expose some amazing musicians to a nationwide and on-line an international audience.

The finals will consist of South Carolina’s The Gods of Mars. This eclectic band has captured the essence of Black Sabbath in a motorcycle rally bad ass kind of way. With the inclusion of humorous lyrics that remind you of Spinal Tap, The Gods of Mars killed it as our latest addition to the finalist list.

The first week of the battle awarded the Dround Hounds the win. Another drivin’ and pounding straight forward blend of rock and dirty backyard blues. These hounds are going to give the contest the test of time. The Dround Hounds have enjoyed the time off getting ready for the bout’. Here are some folks you can expect to hear on Garage71 in the very near future.

During the second week of the battle, we matched up a singer songwriter to face off with the indie rock band, the ATLUS. By the end of the night, it was clear with patrons buying rounds of drinks for the ATLUS and dancing to a different tune. The ATLUS impressed the judges with a very eclectic sound and unique stage presence and line up. These are the ones to watch as their slightly different sound took Porterdale by surprise to all. The ATLUS will be scheduled for future events at PBG and with Garage71 in the near future.

The bands will be loading in Saturday night at 8PM to begin the bout with 5 original songs per band. Each band will be judged on performance, skill, crowd participation and acceptance, and finally originality. We will have guest judge Monroe Slim, standup bassist working for bands like Red Dirt Mountain and the Psycho DeVilles. Currently, Slim sits in with several touring bands including Sanctified Revival and international recording artist, Phil Rocker. Rob Davis, sound production manager of Hot Pan Productions and drummer of 11 Standing Still be on the list of judges offering a unique ear for sound as well as a touring performer. Lastly, our panel of judges includes Grease Inc.’s very own Brian “Big Boy” Whitcomb. As a graduate from Berklee College of Music and having over 30 years in the entertainment industry, Mr. Whitcomb looks for that new potential in a band that can go the distance and offer some great entertainment for years to come. Mr. Whitcomb sees competitions like the Battle as a great way to support the original writing portion of music, especially when so many bands are forced to play way too many covers during gigs. “Writing original music is one of the best ways to express yourself, your thoughts, your feelings during that moment.” Brian continues with the sense that it is responsibility ot support local music and local art. This is a passion that he uses at his disposal his outlets like Grease Inc. and Garage71 to expose these artists.

This Saturday, December 2nd, is the final Battle of 2017. Come out and support. Come out and listen to some of the best new original music in the local scene. We will see you at Porterdale Bar & Grill. Go to their facebook page for directions and bar details.


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