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Spring has sprung. I took the time to stall on writing this month’s editorial to follow after the St. Patty’s Day weekend. Even though it cuts close to our schedule, I saw the importance to follow up for one heck of a great weekend following the celebration.

I took a personal spot at the St. Baldrick’s Foundation event at RiRa’s, presented by American Haircuts, on March 14th. This night was amazing! The energy was so high, and the cause is worth every penny donated. There is an in depth article in this month’s issue, but I would like to make some of my points as a participant. This charity hits home. There are only a few charities we get involved with anymore; support our Veterans, support the children, and support our fur kids. Though every charity is important, these are the ones that are not “profitable”. What do I mean by that? I mean simply that. Companies do not see it profitable to invest into these charities or programs to fight kids cancer, to be specific, when discussing and focusing on St. Baldrick’s. It is painful to see us continue to spin out of control when we clearly have cures, or could have cures, if we actually want to. Why do you think “pot” is still not legal? Simple. The pharmaceutical industry won’t allow it. Well, at the event, I saw gals who grew up with long hair cut it all off and donate their locks in addition to raising money. I saw a gentleman raise thousands of dollars and his only haircut all year is at St. Baldrick’s. I saw college kids involved. I saw families involved. I saw one check for $10k dollars be contributed. The night was amazing. This was the event for me that kick-started the season for us. To be even a small part of it was overwhelming. I can not wait until later in the year when No Shave November begins. I have made the decision not to shave or cut my hair until the next St. Baldrick’s event in March 2019. I only hope to draw more attention to what they are doing, and just wait to read to see how much American Haircuts has contributed to this awesome cause… Just look ahead in this month’s issue.

After the event, I must say it was an enjoyable great festive weekend celebrating my heritage. We did one of those DNA tests this past year, and it was fun. Though I knew a solid foundation of my ancestry, it was interesting to see other influences you would never think. We have an on-going joke at the home of “those are my peoples”, but I will say that my true peoples are deeply rooted with Irish blood. Well over 50% running through these veins is of Irish decent, so it is always a good time. We made plenty of new friends on the deck of a local pub, while enjoying several pints and some great bag pipes. We saw some funny sights to say the least that will leave a mark until the next unexpected shock moment of the day! We ended on a high note as we worked with some new folks at RV World in Buford, followed by the annual St. Patty’s Party at Killer Creek Harley-Davidson. The season is here! So, let’s get out and ride or cruise… There is plenty to attend and enjoy this season. Make sure you connect with us online to keep up to date on everything happening in your area, plus scroll through this month as we have a ton of new show announcements leaking out… Slainte!

*In this month’s Grease Inc.

  • Exclusive Interview with Little Lesley and the Bloodshots
  • Oddball Pomade
  • St. Baldrick’s FIGHT KIDS CANCER
  • Downtwon Showdown’s 54′ Mercury
  • ANNOUNCING the Vagabond Side Show at the Boardwalk

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