Grease Inc. Classifieds, “What’s in Your Garage?”

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  • January 14, 2018
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Announcing the launch of Grease Inc.’s Classifieds. We have worked and tossed around this idea since the disappearance of the Classic Auto Trader, almost ten years ago. At the same time we were saying why, we also were saying internally, thank you to Cox Communications and Auto Trader for your decision. After many years, resting on an idea, 2018 launches the Classifieds section in Grease Inc.

Here you can list your ride, parts, help wanted, swap parts, and more. We will manage this section to ideally match our image and goal. There has been much interest in this launch of the Classifieds as it immediately filters that instant “like” or “I’m interested in this item”, when the person actually has no interest at all…. We filter the top “pond scum” as one builder said. What a waste. You make a post on social media and get 100+ “I’m interested” with not one actual real dialogue between you and a potential buyer.

Now we know we have a long way to go. We know we are just getting this running. We know we still have some bugs to work out. That said, we are being real, once again. We know our readers. We know how we all work. We want to see pics. We want to talk to an actual person, not just scroll pictures. We want to deal with people we can relate with. We plan to grow an on-line format to simplify placing an ad within the next 30 days. We plan on posting on your behalf your ads assisting in every way to make your sale or trade successful. We plan on providing the same quality service we provide our industry peers, as we are all a part of the Kustom Kulture and the Lifestyle.

Here is the launch of the Grease Inc. Classifieds. Here are the details. Take the time. Read over the details. Though we can not or do not guarantee a sale, we can say, that we will get you the most exposure for the best budget available. Between our print, our social, and our industry connections, your post will be seen by actual interested potentials. We market directly to your market, not just random neighborhood on a mailer, or random periodical shelf in a mega book store in a mall. We are exactly like you and have the same goals as you. Heck, we have rides listed just like you do!

Check it out. There is something for everyone. From a small simple ad to a full page feature, we made this economical and focus on one thing, to sell your ride! Give us a call at 678-765-7819 to place and ad or ask some questions, or send in your information to [email protected]

“What’s in Your Garage?”

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  • Bud Sargent

    Seems like wonderful idea. I miss the old Auto Trade

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