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By the time Grease Inc. hits this streets this February, I am not sure if we will be in shorts having backyard cookouts or back to unwarranted threats of blizzards ripping through the Southeast. Either way, I will take this warm spell we have been enjoying any day. I cringe knowing it is short lived with Mother Nature planning her all out assault before it is all said and done.

Already, the crew has been extremely active in the local and regional community. From behind the scenes interviews, to countless editing hours in the video room during late night sessions, to scheduling the 2017 season, we have been pounding it hard in preparation for this year. We only wish w

e could share half of what’s in store for our readers and spectators, but that would take the excitement of anticipation away! The best way to keep up with us and all the great events we are working is going to

It was a great pleasure hanging with the crew of Hellbender H-D, Southern Devil H-D, and the new Tomahawk H-D at the Great American Motorcycle Show. Trust me when we say, we had a blast and how great it was seeing so many of our supporters. The holidays are a great thing, but now that the new year has begun, it is also just as good seeing faces that the winter times seems to hide until spring.

This month is about love. The love of music. The love of cars. The love of our lifestyle. This month should also remind each of us to remember not only our significant other, but the families we surround ourselves with. Our community has a bond that only other lifestyles hope for. With that bond of brotherhood, comes responsibility to yourself, to your family, to your community, and to y

our country. Our country has gone through several challenges over the past few years. I see it as an opportunity to only strive to be better in all that I can have an affect on. I support my wife, family, and peers with no regard to consequence. I will also defend and show support for my country. I have been blessed with much in life. For this, I am grateful and humble when I say, I will only work harder to continue my journey in becoming a better man.

We start out this month preparing for the first long road trip of the season to sunny south Florida for the Iron and Clematis Festival in Jupiter. If anyone wants to tag along, this is truly a vintage show you don’t want to miss. We, of course, are making plan

s for Bike Week and the Tropical Willie show. Many of us need some good ideas for the Valentine’s holiday, so come hang out with cupid and RadioFox for the Blue Balls and Frozen Hearts event with special guest Roadhouse on February 11th at Porterdale Bar and Grill.

We will see you this season… It’s time to Rock n Roll… To read the on-line version go to:


Cover Photo shot by Aubrey Shaw, aka Hollywood Breeze
Rag Doll: Ms. Cassie Blanca

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  • Gary Castillo

    That is my purple truck on the February issue of GREASE. Can I get several copies sent to my house?

  • WittyWhitcomb

    Yes! How many copies are you looking for? We received your message at the studio. We will call you this week to arrange. Would like to see a full photo shoot on the truck for a future issue. It was a great cover shot for sure!

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