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July, the rebirth of America. The month we celebrate the “freedom” of our country and the persona of equality. I recently ventured off to Cuba, as I mentioned last month. The overall trip was amazing. I have never been to a communist country in all my worldly travels. A trip like this makes you think, or it should. I plan in the near future to share our entire experience with you, but for now, when it comes to celebrating the 4th of July, and the struggles for our liberties, I am constantly reminded that all we are provided is the opportunity to pursue happiness, and not guaranteed happiness.

I see more and more clearly as my years have slowly climbed in numeric value. It makes sense how our elders are wise, and how they come of their knowledge in world adventures, through war times, through struggles as a country, through loss, and through success. I see how our Kulture has changed and is currently in a state of evolution. I enjoy seeing friends and good acquaintances having children and raising the next generation of what I hope to continue to be the everlasting breed of the true American greaser. But where is it going? Where is America headed?

Why? In a day that we have so much opportunity, why do we have such an epidemic in our schools with shootings and kids being so out of touch with reality? Why? In a day that we know the consequence of actions, why are we threatened with the thought of a nuclear war, or even hear that is an option? We know the result of just one nuclear bomb hitting anywhere on earth and the devastation it would cause world wide. We have already lost so much as a nation, from the massacre of Native Americans, to the robbing of natural resources that drive animals into extinction as we destroy their habitats, the selfish bigotry of slavery and the division of our own country, to current day corporate takeovers robbing many the opportunity to pursue life without the control of their bias influence. In a day where freedom should ring, does it?

I am still very proud of America, even through all our struggles. I do have the liberty to voice my opinions and share my thoughts openly. I am grateful though, that through the years and life experiences, I have evolved myself and can see all that is within reach with the love and support of family and friends. May all of you celebrate the 4th of July and the entire month knowing we are some of the most fortunate people in the world. Take a little more time to involve yourself in some type of community service or random act of kindness, as I have seen the poorest of poor share what “little” they have with others, even a stray puppy on the streets.

This is most likely our most controversial cover to date, however we are bringing to your attention what people have again done nothing about other than talk a bunch of talk, sensationalize or exploit the wrong issue, and have done virtually nothing to truly address the real concern with this sensitive topic. We highly encourage you to pick up the new release and read the article providing an open dialogue to very important topics. You can get an on-line look at:

We will be posting an open forum on our 2nd Amendment article on July 4th. We hope to hear some of your insight to this topic, but remember, don’t sound like a fool and just vent to vent. Everyone has a right to an opinion and we are curious about what are the opinions out there. I will personally never give up my home protection and I will fight for all of our rights, including the 2nd Amendment. But, I will also say following today’s incident in Maryland, reality has to set in with people and we have to stop living in this PC pretend land of fairies are real. We know they are not, no matter how kool that could be.

After mulling the shock topic of the month, make sure you take a look at all the upcoming events for the remaining 71 Days of Summer with Garage71. We have some great shows ahead including a weekly Bike Night at the Rusty Barrel with Hellbender Harley-Davidson every Wednesday night. Take a look at the schedule inside this issue. We have scheduled and announced Rockabilly Rumble at Southern Devil H-D on August 11th, Wings and Whitewalls at the Aviation Museum of Marietta on August 25th, the Carolina Shakedown at Timms H-D on September 22nd, and coming up right around the corner is Atomic Boogie playing at the Rusty Barrel, Saturday July 14th for the Saturday Cruise-In. This month is jammed packed with some major announcements including Hell on Wheels 10 and Rockin Route 66 in 2019. There is something for everyone!

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