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When they were calling for April showers, the weatherman wasn’t kidding; but hey, it has made for one heck of a start to May!!! Everything is lush, green, and vibrant in colors and life; it is great to see everything come out from its dormant winter stage.

May is packed full of important dates, such as Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. It is also Motorcycle Awareness month!!! Already in a short riding season start, I personally have had too many close calls with drivers simply not paying attention to their surroundings. It didn’t matter if I was on a bike or in a car, we, as people, have become so mindless when operating our vehicles. This month, we need to remember and share properly, “Look Twice and Save a Life”. Though sometimes easier said than done, as our emotions get in the way, we need to better educate our kids first on being more aware of driving and our surroundings. Teach them how to ride. Get them involved. Read more in the article, “Look Twice, Save a Life” in this month’s issue, as well as become an active member of ABATE.

There are so many more new events happening this year and we are excited about all the travel and experiences we can bring back and share with you from coast to coast this season. One thing, remember to stop on your journey and enjoy a little more. Though the destination is important, sometimes the journey is what makes the experience last a lifetime. Take time to capture the moments with people and places on the road. If you see something of interest, pull over and take some time to explore.

One last note, I want to thank my mother for all the 40+ years of support. There were many a time when my mother could have turned her back on me and walked away, knowing that I deserved just that. She held me accountable for my actions in both good times and in bad. Mothers are special. We need to remember how many sacrifices mothers have endured to raise their children. My mother has been an inspiration throughout my life and continues to inspire me more; her support has gone unwavering. Please celebrate this year our mothers on Mother’s Day. Celebrate life and cherish family as we only live once… I love you mom!

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