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Well, it seems this month’s editorial becomes a little difficult as we kick it into high gear for the season. Trust me, this is what we live for. We love the open highway. We love to travel city to city nearly every weekend from now until Thanksgiving. This is our lifestyle and a lot is said about that. So, what is the lifestyle to you? I think that is a good question. Definitely, times are changing. The world seems to be so politicized, at least here in the United States. I see new levels of acceptance, but so much more division too. People want to place labels on everything, and if you don’t fall into a category, we continue to segregate ourselves more and more, when I believe the opposite is the goal. So again, what is the lifestyle to you? What is it that attracts you to fast cars? Why do you look forward to having the wind blow against your face while riding up the road to the local watering hole to meet up with some friends on those two wheels? What draws you out to support local music and shows? I know to me it is the entire kulture from the music, to the interaction of a very diverse group of people, to the various rides each person takes a lot of pride in riding or driving. I have been raised in it. I have been raised to appreciate what each of us has, and how it represents us no matter what style or look it is. It might not be my cup of tea, but hey, if you are out there riding or cruising, who am I to throw my two cents at it any way. I see it as: you are out there enjoying it, and that is what matters to me as I roll coast to coast…
With that said, May is also Motorcycle Awareness Month. This is a national campaign working on trying to bring awareness and more acceptance to respecting those on two wheels on the road. I think this topic is really important because it is not only to bring awareness to others about “seeing” us as we ride, but also a reminder of “us” as we ride not to be such assholes or to “show out”. That’s right! If we want to continue to earn respect on the roads, we, too, need to understand that drawing negative attention to questionable behaviors while riding makes it harder to draw assistance to matters that pertain to “equal rights” on the roadways. I get everyone “shows out” at some point, whether on two wheels or in a cage. If anyone has owned a ride, no matter what it was, that has power and an attraction, we show it off. We speed. We do burn outs. We pop wheelies. We do things that in reality the machine was designed to do. You don’t see a Porsche driving slowly, do you? But, if we are doing 100+ mph in the middle of busy traffic just to be an ass or to be disrespectful, something is gonna happen. Someone is going to cut you off because they can’t see a “mosquito” going 120 mph in their side mirror. At this point you have NO argument in my book. It becomes the laws of nature eliminating idiots and thinning out the herd, through the course of selection. So, this month, how do we, as riders, make ourselves more aware of our actions. Also, how do we make “cagers” realize that we have just as many rights on the roadways as they do…
Lastly, I want to extend a personal invitation to Grease Inc.’s and Garage71’s newest event, the Vagabond Side Show at the Boardwalk, during the Thunder Beach Rally, located at the Boardwalk Beach Hotel and Convention Center, Wednesday May 2nd – Saturday, May 5th. This is another signature event where we are bringing the “circus” to the beach and Panama City Beach! We will have live entertainment all day long, each day, with some amazing headlining acts including Kitty Rose and the Rattlers, “Female Artist of the Year” Angela Reign, and BEITTHEMEANS releasing their current new vinyl release at the Boardwalk. We will have the local motorcycle stunt team, SiK Stunts, presented by SiK Motorcycles. Friday and Saturday we will have pure entertainment of size and nature with the Half Pint Brawlers, and guests from Zac Brown’s Southern Ground with Kristian Baena of ZB Customs. Each night, we will bring the spectacle like no other on the gulf beach with the World Famous Captain and Maybelle. These two are recognized by Ripley’s Believe it Not as the current day carnie legends in the making, from world record holdings in sword swallowing, to countless of timeless carnie acts that will shock and amaze you. This is how Grease Inc. and Garage71 throw a party! Make sure you look up the event on our facebook page, and give us a like. When you come to see us during the Thunder Beach Rally at the Boardwalk make sure you tag us @greaseinc and #vagabondsideshow. We will have some new commemorative shirts on sight!  In addition, the Boardwalk features the only inside and outside vendor market on the beach! This is a motorcycle only parking destination. It’s about two wheels this rally! We will see you there!
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On the cover: Angela Reign, performing Friday, May 4th at the Vagabond Side Show located at the Boardwalk Beach Hotel in Panama City Beach, Florida
Photography: Allison Hutchins Art & Photogrpahy
Body Paint Artist: Cheryl Ann Lipstreu
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