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  • October 1, 2017
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It is always interesting how every month, I take the time to write what influences either myself personally, or through the eyes of our many voices with Garage71 radio and Grease Inc. Last month, I decided to “take the gloves off”. In today’s routine, it is about being PC. We choose to be politically correct, not because we don’t want to offend anyone; we do it because we do our very best to stay neutral when it comes to people’s opinions of what is “the best ride”, or brands, etc. We get all of that. Heck, if you ask me personally who I prefer to ride with, it’s with people who actually ride or enjoy what we all say we do when it comes to our kulture, which brings me to this month’s point.

While enjoying another trip out west, we all came to the same conclusion, similar to what was said last month. We all have to stay involved, or this “lifestyle” will die off. I was so excited after our last trip. We got to hang out with some of the most influential people and builders in the New Mexico scene. They take the style of Street Rod to a whole new level of bad ass. Not one owner or builder had an attitude, other than they want the koolest ride on the street. The topic that did resonate during the trip is how are we going to capture the upcoming generations to care as much about this lifestyle as we do? Last month, I called out the assholes hiding behind their cars, being rude, and just being jerks for no reason when it comes to “car shows”. This is not going to get anyone, let alone a kid at any level, interested in kool cars or motorcycles. We have to get them involved now! Or when that “will” is presented after your butt is 6 feet under, your “ideal” car or ride will just become scrap metal and sold at auction on the cheap. All so they can go and get the next disposable 2018 whatever it is off the showroom floor. Also, by doing just this, we continue to give all these major manufacturers exactly what they need to get our rides off the road forever. It is real. If you don’t believe me, just go by your closest junkyard and ask those fellows; they will give you a much better insight of how the industry is evolving.

So, what do we do? Good question. When was the last time you took your better half out for a date night in your ride? When was the last time you ripped the rubber off the back tires with your kid strapped down and along for the ride? Oh no, did we just say something dangerous? Heck yes we did! Give me a break! If you think laying a little amount of tread is unsafe, it’s only unsafe if you’re drunk as a skunk and don’t give a [email protected]&C! It is exciting! It is fun to ride bicycles fast. It is fun to ride skateboards. Of course, you are eventually going to get a bruise or ten, but you learn. You learn to be better at what it is, or you eventually learn your limitations, but without judgement other than a scrape or two. We have to get our kids to see the fun side of what we do and why we do it. We have to continue to show them manners. We have to continue to involve them in things that may, or may not, at first seem important today, but will make sense in years to come.

Which of our kids know how to dance? I don’t mean just bouncing up and down at a rave and flinging our arms. I mean dance! Do you see anyone on a dance floor not in a good mood, even if they are not “good” at dancing, no one! Again, it teaches us so much, including having fun. So, why not get dance lessons this winter instead of staying so cooped up and becoming a couch potato? Then, by next spring, when you are at the next event to kick things off, you are one of the movers and shakers to get the party started all over again! We all say when we see our elders throwing down, “I hope we are like that at their age”. So, do it!

I have been re-inspired, as I often do, when left on my own hitting the lost highways of America. There is so much out there we have to offer and remember, we just have to do it. That ride, whatever it is, only wants to be driven or ridden wherever it is you want to go. So, I will continue to say to everyone that I come across, you want this lifestyle to come to life, then you, yourself, needs to come back to life! You, and only you, will make a moment special. Let’s keep our lifestyle and kulture one of those things other see as special. Get inspired. Get involved.

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