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  • January 30, 2018
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It’s been a long, cold winter… It seems I need to keep a log of every winter here in Atlanta, because they appear to be getting crazier every year. I feel like a bear wanting to come out in the sun, but continued to be directed to stay indoors due to below freezing temperatures, and the continued annoyance of ice that plagues our roads. I remember a time I loved the snow. That time is long over, especially in Atlanta, where we just can’t combat it. And, if you throw that word “ice” into the scenario, then it’s not over until the ice melts away completely. It plays havoc on my psyche. I have to be outside and constantly doing things to satisfy my inner ambitions. I pace and get built up with wanting to do routine things, but that father-winter keeps reminding us, he is still here for awhile. Can you believe we are only one month into the new year? Maybe that’s why they created Valentine’s in February. What else should we be doing in winter but spending those long cold nights, well you know where I am heading with this…

So, the color of red accents the gorgeous glow of a fresh snow and the warmth of a fire place. That’s right. If you are not sure what I am hinting at now, I’ll just call it out. It’s the annual Valentine’s dinner, that I take part in and host every year at the Copperhead Lodge in Blairsville, GA. Some know well my past routine as a TV celebrity sports chef with ESPN. And, each Valentine’s, I head to the Copperhead Lodge for a weekend of romantic dinners with many of my favorites, and some new tricks as well. I play host in the kitchen and we throw down with offering a four course menu with creations like Pan Seared Beef Tenderloin served with a Winter Vegetable Napoleon and Roasted Garlic and Blue Cheese Sweet Potatoes, or how about a Pine Nut encrusted Wild Caught Salmon over Roasted Southern Style Potatoes, and Steamed Broccoli Crowns with a Citrus Butter. Yes, I will be bringing one of my signature desserts to the table, as well as offering a vegetarian selection. This is a great weekend to get out and head to the mountains for our cabin fever party, February 9th and 10th. This has been a sold out dinner for years, so I would call the lodge and make reservations today. 706-835-7433

We are in full planning stages with so many people in 2018. We are excited to announce our newest and possibly largest venue this spring at the Boardwalk Beach Resort in Panama City Beach during Thunder Beach, as we bring you the Vagabond Side Show. This is one of Grease Inc.’s and Garage71’s signature shows including Half Pint Brawlers, the World Famous Captain and Maybelle, a music line up perfect for the Redneck Riviera, including Little Leslie and the Bloodshots, the Boondock Kingz, the Jawga Boyz, Pearl Bottom Radio, and more! You’ll have to keep following Grease Inc. on Facebook and Instagram for all of the details. We also are working on the Carolina Shakedown in September at Timms H-D in Anderson, the spring Gear Jams at the Atlanta Dragway, and so much more! Keep watching as we roll into 2018 in style and class, after one heck of a party at the Ink & Oil Awards at the Strand in the beginning of January. People are still talking about this event and sharing pictures continuously. All we can say is we are blessed to be a part of this lifestyle and how lucky we are to be working on it every day!

We look forward to hanging out with Rev. Andy at his annual Hollyfest at the Star Bar. This annual event is one for the books as local and regional bands come together to celebrate the lives of the roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll with songs by Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valen. We have an exclusive story on the show, but it is best for you to come out and see it for yourself this February 3rd.

Reach out to us this winter season to plan your next event or get involved with us. You can reach us at 678-765-7819 for any of your Kustom Kulture Marketing needs. We will be offering this year some creative packages to include you in some of our most notable signature events including Hell on Wheels X, Vintage Fest, Carolina Shakedown, the Gear Jams and more… It’s all about you and the Kustom Kulture Lifestyle…

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