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  • May 28, 2018
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Amazing to see us already six months into the new year. It is almost surreal on how time seems to stand still one moment and then fly by in other moments. With what seemed like a never ending winter, we jumped straight into some great weather where temperatures are encouraging to getting out to ride or cruise, depending on your style of the day. It’s that time of year we call the 71 Days of Summer with Grease Inc. and Garage71. The days are longer and the sunsets seem to bring a glow to a healthy landscape full of life. This is our very best time of year we enjoy each week with all our readers and listeners. It is what breathes life into what we do…

During this time, we also look back and think on what’s ahead as we already plan for the winter months, but also see where we came from a year ago. It is right around the corner for 10 years for us as a crew. We have experienced quite a lot over the years with this year showing some new trends and questions. We have heard over and over again a message we have tried to talk about for years, and that is what is happening with the current scene? Where is it going? What is the market these days? Who for that fact is our market anymore? I love getting into this debate with spoon fed corporate guys. All they do is give you the spreadsheet version of what their company says. Is that the truth? Does corporate have all the answers? Far from it. If that were the case then H-D’s sales would not have fallen so drastically when the new 2018’s were released. That is a clear sign that you are not relating to your rider at any level. Now, the MC’s are great machines, don’t get me wrong, but the day of buying a new bagger every year to five years is over. That trend is gone. But, what about focusing on the forty-eight? Why is it that the new rider is willing to dive into learning how to piece together a cafe or building a traditional rod? It is because the new age of rider is completely engaged in their family or in themselves. The new age is not driven as much by brands, but by a style personal to their own taste. They are creating a foundation for their family. Many have just returned from years being oversees and it’s about creating roots and getting settled in an unsettling world. It is about not following trends but creating new trends. It’s about creating more liberties focused on close friends and small families. It’s about the actual ride rather than just a bar. It’s about a lifestyle that has been sold for decades, but now includes a different generation with a very different attitude.

With the summer here, we are focused on working with some amazing locations to provide a great mixture of events that support the above trends as we see it. We will be announcing the return of the 5th year of the Rockabilly Rumble at Southern Devil Harley-Davidson, where we will be hosting a Mommy & Me or Daddy & Me kind of show. We want to include families in as much as possible. It is the generations that continue to traditions, and if we do not include, than how is something going to last? Also, we are working on another new show called the Carolina Shakedown with Timms Harley-Davidson in Anderson, SC. We love the Carolinas! Great people. Great scene. Good times. Here will be a summer party throwdown sometime in September, so you have to stay tuned to Garage71 to hear all the summer announcements, not to mention the many events that return over and over each year.

Well, get out there and enjoy a little sunshine. Take the time this summer to take a new adventure, as we are headed to Cuba for a week where sun, heritage, tradition, nostalgia, rum, and cigars all mix together. I’ll be looking forward to whatever new adventures I can find in a country where there is no liberty. I am looking forward to seeing all the old cars and rides. This will be one of the most interesting trips I think I could foresee. Until our return, keep it real, because that is what life’s about!

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