Grease Inc. September Issue 2017

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  • August 31, 2017
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After a late night breaking down after another event, a group of us sat around for a moment and really began to discuss some observations that we have all shared for quite some time now. The conversation was passionate. It was filled with anger. It was filled with frustration. What is happening to our kulture?

I remember growing up and anyone riding motorcycles were known as “outlaws”. I remember the time when you owned and drove your bad ass tricked out car, you were known as a “rebel”. Now, not all of the time, did a person have to fall into these stereotypes, but our kulture had these known associations because we knew how to live! It wasn’t about being a hellion, it was about living. It was about cruising with your girl to a local hangout to socialize, to listen to music, to dance, to laugh, to fight for what you believed, and, from time to time, even race.

Now, all we care about is showing up early, when fashionably late was kool. All we care about is that $5-$10 trophy, that most of us toss to the side, don’t actually cherish at any level, and most likely don’t even have on display in our homes or man caves, symbolizing our hard work on our rides. Oh yeah, that’s because most of us don’t even touch our own rides other than to start it and go parking lot show to parking lot show these days.

Why is it that so many of us appear to rush to a show so early to get that “prime” parking spot, whatever that spot is to us, only to park our mean grumpy asses behind our rides? We don’t talk to each other, even when sitting 10 feet away. We hate it when an enthusiast comes up and asks us a question, or God forbid if anyone ever so happens to actually touch our ride. It becomes the end of the world. No buddy, the end of the world is only gonna happen if that little weasel with the bad haircut, that looks like a morphed fat Asian version of Hitler in North Korea pushes that damn button. That will be the end of life as we know it. Why is it that a show has to end at 3pm on the dot or we all go insane? Or, the best one yet, we all go ballistic if we perceive the “judging” isn’t fair, or just because you overspent your retirement on your car you don’t truly enjoy doesn’t get that $5 trophy.

Here is our challenge to you. You supposedly got your ride, whether car or bike, to fulfill a dream deep inside of you. It represents your style. It represents your inner attitude. Whether it is the car of your dreams from way back in high school, or you want to ride an MC just to get that feeling of being free, live it! How about asking your wife or significant other to go for a ride? Sure, stop by the show, and still pay the entry fee to support local, but who cares if you win or not. And, NO, not everyone deserves a trophy, nor is it required to give everyone a trophy. How about you start engaging the audience and spectators and share your fun stories of the past growing up and being that rebel. By that time, your other half will watch you fill with greatness as you relive some great times in life, and I bet you will find yourself laughing and enjoying that show again vs. sitting your overweight, medicated self in that matching lawn chair being so angry at the world and at a simple show which most likely is raising money for a good cause. After that great conversation, go for a small cruise to bring your wife or date someplace for a bite to eat. Allow your ride to live as much as “she” wants to be drivin’ or rode. If there is music, ask your gal for a dance. If there is laughter, have some fun! It’s life folks, and you only have one shot at it.

I see things evolving within our kulture rapidly. I get that a very large portion of our kulture is aging, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be alive. People have always looked at us as “that’s how I want to live my life, free and strong”. I laugh, because it seems like now we have become that typical PC world of everyone deserves a little trophy, and I promise to have you home at a decent time so mommy can tuck you in with cookies and milk. Well, I guess I can’t bust on the cookies and milk, because at least that’s still good…

Speaking of shows and good times, here is a quick look at Rockabilly Rumble, at Southern Devil Harley-Davidson in Cartersville, GA. We are working on many new video projects in conjunction with Ink-n-Oil productions. We want to thank the Screamin’ Demons and Phil Rocker for such great performances. Here is one for the books with “13 Black Roses”, by the Screamin’ Demons

You can get an on-line look at the new release of Grease Inc. at:

In this issue we have a fun nostalgic Delivery Van features, coverage and testimony on Flat Track Racing, Red House Pomade, some pics of Downtown Showdown in New Mexico where part of the crew will spend this year’s Labor Day, and meet Ms. Lady Von Foxx.

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Be safe this Labor Day weekend. We hope everyone enjoys the beginning of the Fall season with us at Hell on Wheels #9 up at the Atlanta Dragway. We are working hard on making a great kustom kulture event for you, our reader and supporter. Till then, as Rev. Andy would say, “It’s Martini Time.”


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