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Happy New Year!!!! It’s the new year, so what does that mean to you? I know there are countless of far reaching resolutions circulating social media. Everyone needs to loose weight. Well, isn’t that a given anyway? How about this, don’t worry about the weight and just focus on how to live better! Focus on, maybe I don’t need 10 big macs every week when a piece of fruit is just as good. Why do we do these things? What is so hard? I understand that the quarter pounder with McD’s fries fresh out of the fryer is great, especially fresh screaming hot fries, but come on. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over this past year. Some call it being absorbed, but I call it real. We are going through some serious changes in a life right now, and what better way to start a new year with really reflecting? Though I can’t and won’t take all the time here to air all my thoughts, I will say as humans, not people, we need to wake up. When we bite at tax cuts giving Americans $2000 dollars back per household per year, some may think that is a good start, I think of it as insulting. Now, if you said ten thousand back of my hard earned money, you have my attention, but is $2000 per household really that much to impact dramatically any family? The real answer is no, it’s not. Now, I am not gonna start the year off down; as a matter of fact, I will do the opposite, even with the start of this editorial.

This year, Garage71 and Grease Inc. heads into our 10th year, which is amazing in itself. We have worked through our own internal challenges, doing our very best to stay true each and every month. We have provided consistent content, real content, not just recycled garbage and stories of absolutely no interest to you. We have changed the local competitors way of how they produce their magazines, as they try to recreate what we have invented. We travel the country to some of the most amazing shows, meeting some genuine people who have shared interesting life stories and experiences with us. We get to take part in other people’s events and shows, enjoying music, the lifestyle, the scenery, and the local cuisine. We have created signature events either for clients or as stand alone presentations of ourselves as a crew; shows like Rockabilly Rumble, Rockabilly Reckoning, the Luau from past days, and Hell on Wheels to name a few. Our crew has become family to each other. We have fought. We have laughed. We have shared some really deep things with each other, but we are always there together. This year is about taking all the great things we have already accomplished, and now making them grow more as we head into a national market, and in some cases, international with some amazing people, like Sabina Kelley out of Australia in this month’s Grease Inc. Our footprint is growing and has grown from this little tiny pamphlet 10 years back, to now a consistent Kustom Kulture magazine nationwide, capturing life moments with some incredible people with amazing talents and life experiences. I am extremely grateful to have made it this long in a very challenging industry filled with egos and attitudes. I am looking forward to sharing with you in 2018 some of the best moments caught in the lense of a camera, and supporting a kulture I deeply believe in.

This month’s issue is our infamous Ink & Oil awards. For the first time, we took the awards live at the Strand in Marietta Square with Rev. Andy hosting and enjoying live music from Kitty Rose and the Rattlers, the Screamin’ Demons, and Atomic Boogie. We gave tribute to two amazing people in our local scene including Tony Dinneweth and JB Walker. Tony, you will forever be missed by your family and friends. You have touched the souls of many people and have made such a positive impact on the local scene. May you always be remembered. JB Walker, received a lifetime recognition at Ink & Oil for over 30 years in entertainment. JB has touched so many people worldwide supporting troops while during service and war times. JB has performed at the iconic Iron Horse Saloon for decades. JB has always been there for his community, peers, and fans. JB’s heart has provided entertainment for countless charities and thankless acts of kindness. It is with people like JB, that we as a sub-kulture, can look up to and say “hey, we may look different, but we all matter as people.”

The Ink & Oil awards is recognition from you, our readers, our listeners on Garage71, our peers. It is support from fans nationwide acknowledging accomplishments of people, artists, establishments, and brands we all support. This is a snapshot of a community coming together to roast some great life experiences and enjoying the success of others. It is about a kulture coming together and being supportive and sharing in the praise of another’s success. We have tallied up the thousands of responses this year from a nationwide audience. The recognition comes to close one year, as we head into another amazing opportunity in 2018. To everyone that was nominated, congratulations. To everyone awarded, thank your patrons and peers for all the support and recognition of your success throughout 2017. May each and everyone of you have a tremendously prosperous new year.

You can get your first look at the on-line release of Grease Inc. at:

We are hitting the streets hard these next few days with the special release at the awards event. Make sure you pick up a few copies for yourself if you are a winner as a nice token and personal memory to store or frame. We will also be set up with Hellbender Harley-Davidson the last weekend in January at the Great American Motorcycle Show. Ms. Ava Fairlane will be on-sight taking pictures with guests of the show and make sure you sign up for your chance to win passes to Angel City Motorcycle Rally.

Give us a follow on all social media outlets, keeping up to the minute details on all the events, trips, and happenings within the Kustom Kulture.

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