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  • October 26, 2015
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I cannot even come close to realizing it’s been 7 years with the launch of Hot Pan Productions, Inc. As I sit here at one of the various rallies we completely love to emcee and promote, I reflect on the basement launch of Garage71 radio with two great guys, Rev. Andy and Brian Stretch, and where it is today with being listed in the top 400 radio stations on the web and rated #1 Garage Rock station. I look at all the hurdles we have worked through and all the success we, as a crew, have shared. When we took over the once local magazine, Biker 101, and made the transition to Grease Inc., it all made sense. We live this lifestyle everyday. We don’t pretend. We believe in the Americana persona and the Kustom Kulture with all of its unadulterated music, art, creativity, style, and attitude! If it all had to be replayed I would not change a thing. Since our inception, the road has proven there will only be detours and potholes. Hell, we even got a little road rash one winter. With that said, it’s the journey that has made this road trip the best! I have to thank all the people behind the scenes that make this possible everyday. Thank you: Rev. Andy, Brian P. Stretch, Scott Adams, Todd Wiese, Erin RadioFox Watson, Ned Williams, Jessy Holtzclaw, and Brent Cashman. I want to thank an extended thanks for several who are always there when it comes to support: Ed Wallace, Heather Brown, Karen Powers, Ed Selby, all the Bearded Sinners, Randy Bishop, Hardcore Garage, Mike Thies, Steve White, Tom Elder, the entire Rusty Nuts family, Hollywood Breeze, Pete Toskey, John and Spring Bradley, and Tara Leavitt. We want to thank all of our long time advertisers and sponsors. Most of all I want to thank my family. Though a little disfunked, it’s family that has been there through the entire life travel. I want to thank my mother, Beverly Whitcomb, my sister Heidi, and my nephew Nikolas. I want to thank my support and love, Kristen O’Brien and the heart and soul of our family, Kyla. Without these two, my spirit was destined for a crash that would have been irreparable. Just think, during all this time we were really just getting ready for what’s around the corner! This year is gonna be one of the BEST!!! We look forward to continuing to share stories of builders and their projects. We look forward to introducing new music we find coast to coast. We look forward to bringing you some of the best shows in the southeast, and now moving from the east coast and traveling to the west coast. It’s all about our readers and fans. We love what we do and we love to see that all of you enjoy hearing from us on a daily basis. Keep up the social connection on Facebook and TuneIn to keep contact with the crew. This is just the lucky start to an awesome new season right around the next turn… Get your sneak peak on-line at:

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