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  • October 14, 2016
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ink-and-oil-pg1For the past several years, Grease Inc. has incorporated our readers with the Best Of Issue, which is released January of the new year. We are continuing to grow and with that, we have made a slight name change to the Best Of to the Ink and Oil Awards. Some may ask why. There are several. Just as the name, Grease, we incorporate every aspect of our industry from the grease in your hair, under your nails, from the manifold of your rod to the grease in our food. The Ink and Oil Awards allows us to grow the voting brackets over time to more categories to choose from. This comes directly from the feedback over the past 8 years from you the readers.

We have created 50 categories currently from Dive Bar to Barber Shop. We want to know where you like to go. We want to recognize those in the Southeast that our readers and supporters want to give a shout out to! This is about the kulture. This is about support and to give everyone options to visit, frequent or get some work completed at during the down seasons.

Grease Inc. and Garage 71 has served up some of the best recommendations on where to shop, eat, get car work, and places to check out bands. Now it’s time for you to chime in and let us know your favorites! Our very first “Best Of” Voting is at hand and this is your chance to nominate your choices for the best of everything in the worlds of food, entertainment, shopping, automobiles and many more! From the start of Hell On Wheels until December 9th, we want you to tell us your favorites! You can submit your votes online or mail them in – we’re into retro, including ways to communicate! We want to hear from you and every vote matters. Every man and woman has their moment and this may be yours! Chime in and who knows, your favorite barber shop may soon be everyone’s favorite!

Click on the link and vote for your best of 2016 choices. For a form to be valid, it MUST be completed over 25%. If you email us 100x’s we will throw it out! We want to know who you truly support!  This is what it’s about!!!

We look forward to hearing from you. Please share this link with anyone. It’s time to vote!!!

Voting Ends December 9, 2016. Any vote after the 9th of December will not be counted towards the Ink and Oil Awards 2016.


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