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  • January 4, 2016
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Happy New Year!!! As we head into 2016, we are very excited to share the responses from our readers and the local scene with the selections you have made for the very special issue the “Best Of.” Each year, we hear more and more from you and we can’t imagine what this new year will bring. There are so many great things happening and we can’t wait to begin sharing with you. We want to congratulate everyone that was recognized in this month’s issue of Grease Inc. We always love to see where are readers are, what businesses they are supporting and why. It is great to see the continued growth and expansion of our reach that we are receiving from the result of all the dedicated hours by the crew behind the scenes.

We look at 2016 as an opportunity. We have said for years we love what we do and do what we love, and it shows. All of you have stayed by our side as we have made strides to improve our quality while maintaining content. We strive for excellence and pride ourselves on seeing how we can positively impact our local community and service our fans and clients. We are making planned decisions to offer more services at an even higher level of execution this year with new ideas, new creative promotions, and working with events that will create impact in a fun exciting way.

We don’t make resolutions. What will make is a pact with you and the entire scene for 2016. The crew of Grease Inc. and Garage71 promise to bring high energy to each and every event we are a part of in 2016. We promise to deliver the very best from our crew at everything we do. We look to you as our peers, and many of you as friends. We are extremely excited about everything that is happening and only can say it has been one hell of a ride. So here we come 2016! It’s here and it’s time to get busy!!!

Happy New Year!!!

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We want to thank Scott Adams Photography for the photoshoot taken at the Garage71 Studios

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