May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

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May marks Motorcycles Awareness Month throughout the country. Even though motorcycles are recognized as a means of transportation across the globe, the states continue to challenge our rights as riders and as people. This month, I challenge each of our readers to become just a little more involved. I am not asking you to vent, but engage in actions that support our rights. For one, become a member of our local ABATE. This year marks the first year that we have passed legislation PRO motorcycles through our voice of ABATE. The last positive movement was over 15 years ago when capital hill listened to our representatives on topics that are important to us as riders. One of the bills passed is the new Red Light Bill, allowing riders, after coming to a complete stop, waiting 90+ seconds at a red light that appears not to have recognized our motorcycles, to be allowed to move through that light in a safe manner without cause of breaking any laws. The second law passed was the repeal to the handlebar height. The law removes any attention to handlebar height, as most motorcycles are “illegal” coming from the manufacturer themselves. If you, as riders, continue to get involved, then even more PRO motorcycle laws could go into affect protecting us more and providing us with better protection, if ever needed. I want to share a story with you I just came across these past few weeks. I met a guy by the name of Mike Bozeman. Funny guy. Great attitude. We hung before, but were formally introduced just a short time ago. Well, Mike proceeded to talk one night about his accident, as we shared some good “war” stories. Unfortunately, a car traveling to close hit Mike. He was thrown from his motorcycle and now has accumulated over a half million dollars in medical bills from this incident. The driver you ask, well what happened to him? He received a citation for “following too close” and Mike has NEVER heard from him since. This is why it is important to get involved. This is why it is important to stand up for harsher consequences for accidents that involve riders and drivers who simply do not care. The best part of meeting Mike is his attitude is still full of life. He has not let this change him. If anything, it has made him a stronger person and quite funny at that! But, too many tragedies have occurred because we simply do not educate people to be aware and to have more respect for our rights. In closing, take the time to read more and become educated. Take your voice, in a positive way, to the streets. Get involved and support entities that support us directly. Learn more at Take the time to fill out the membership form and mail it in, or go on-line and become a member today. The agenda is simple and the opportunities within our riding community are large. With a bigger voice, our message can be heard. Remember, while teaching our kids to drive this year, “Look Twice, Save a Life… Motorcycles are everywhere!”

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