Phil Rocker comes to America to play Hell on Wheels

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Phil Rocker

Hell on Wheels is excited to announce it’s newest guest to travel all the way from South America, Phil Rocker!!! Once a year, Phil Rocker hits the west coast for an annual tour. He met the crew while in New Mexico two years ago and formed a friendship with founder and president of Hot Pan Productios, Inc., Brian L Whitcomb. Since, the two have been working on a plan to have Phil Rocker to play Hell on Wheels one year. That year is here!

“Phil Rocker is the stage name of Felipe Ossa I am a musician from the city of Medellin in Colombia where I was born and where im still learning and growing , I play the guitar 17 years ago, my music background has the rock n roll from the streets of Medellin mixed with academy studies in instituto de bellas artes where i cursed 4 years of music studies plus the musical heritage of my home compose it by tangos, boleros, tropical music, salsa, pasillos and the artists, styles and periods of rock n roll that by own initiative I haver heard and listened as well as: santana, nick curran, ronnie dawson, social distortion, jump blues, rockabilly, hillbilly and my passion 50s rock n roll.

As a leader and composer of a pioneer rockabilly band in Colombia (The Dorados) I have represented my country in Mexico and the United States in various festivals genre as rockcalavera and rockabilly on the route, my work has been reviewed by local media , media in Mexico and Latin American as a representative of the 50s cumbia rock n roll era
My debut album: VIVA-BOP !!! is the first step in the search for a unique sound that identifies me as a Latino and Rock n roller.”

Hell on Wheels is in it’s 8th year. This is our way to thank the local community and the industry nationwide for all their support over the years. From a classic car and vintage motorcycle show, the crew developed additions including a bicycle class. The show is judged unlike any other local show to include builders coast to coast to both judge the show as well as compete for the BEST trophy!!!

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