Psychobilly Freakout 13 Years with Radio Host, Rev. Andy

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  • August 24, 2017
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Today marks 13 years I’ve been doing my radio show.

Boring history coming… I had been a deejay at Album 88 for a year or so and tested out a rockabilly show earlier in the year. It went great, was well received, so I proposed creating a new weekly show. We had just lost a couple of mainstay programs and Monday night opened up. I was offered the slot and was told I needed to make sure it didn’t sound like our country show – Cowtipper’s Delight.

I offered up two names for the show, since I wasn’t creative with it I suggested Rockabilly Rebel (song by Hillbilly Hellcats) and Psychobilly Freakout (RHH). We all know which name was accepted – the Program Director felt Rockabilly Rebel sounded “too country.”

Over the years, I got to meet and interview some amazing musicians. Robert Gordon, Wanda Jackson, Jime Heath, Big Sandy, ‘Pistol’ Pete, and so many more. I also offered a local outlet for the Atlanta “Redneck Underground.” Bands such as The Blacktop Rockets, Truckadelic, Hi Test, Sonoramic Commando, Caroline & The Ramblers, and others were on the local airwaves. At times, I felt like I was in a tornado made of music and got swept up in all the fun!

Eventually, I graduated from GSU and when that happens you can no longer be a DJ. I ended my stint at 88 with a 12 hour shift on a Monday night and gave my final shout of “AMF” that night at 10pm. I walked out feeling like I had made a difference for the music scene in Atlanta, but sad because I had to leave my “fraternity.”

A couple of years later, I joined a show on WREK called Longboards and Longhorns. It didn’t feel right because my co-host urged us to play less rockabilly and more surf. He felt that lyrics got in the way. After a while, I left and didn’t look back.

In July 2009, Brian Whitcomb met with me over drinks to discuss joining an online radio station he was starting. It sounded promising and I’d get to get my show going again. We started in his house, moved to a small office, then finally took over a building in Tannery Row. ALong the way, we added a magazine allowing me to write and put some of my interviews into written word.

I think part of me would break if I didn’t get to spin music. Whether I have 2 or 2,000 tuning in, I enjoy sharing this music with others. A documentary is being put together about me, my love of music, and some of the adventures I’ve had along the way. I’m really excited to share more of what I’ve experienced over the last 13 years and can’t wait to get your reactions!

Thanks for reading, thanks for tuning in the radio show, and for me it is martini time! Adios, my friends!

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