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  • February 1, 2016
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Feb-CVRFebruary 1st, 2016 marks the day that current laws change regarding radio reporting nationwide. What does that actually mean? Well, to size it down, Garage71 will be receiving a complete overhaul. There will be some interruptions of the transmission during the upgrades, but when we do make the final changes you will receive better quality, better options and better accessibility of Garage71 Radio. New Functions will be

  • Phone Apps for Android and iOS
  • LIVE Chat with the Radio DJ’s
  • Song Request Forms
  • Connection to all our Social Media Outlets
  • and more!!!

We will announce the updates once 100% up and running and provide clean links to all sources to continue to support Garage71, “Your American Radio Revolution”!

As the brisk winter air blows Nordic winds from the North, the crew heads south for most of February! That’s right, go where the warmth and sunshine resides in my home state of Florida! But before we hit the road, we have to get ready for the riding season. Make sure you go by your local chop shop and get your ride thoroughly checked out. I want to thank Doc Slicks for going through my Heritage before the long spring list of rides and season packed full of events.

Speaking of events, come on out to Rev. Andy’s HollyFest 8 at the Star Bar to continue our Cabin Fever festivities. We will be then heading down to West Palm Beach for the Vintage Iron and Clematis Motorcycle Festival. This is one for the books and worth the ride. I have already been joking about I may be in shorts more than jeans this winter! If you are stuck in the cold and want to warm up your riding partner, make sure you head out to the Blue Balls and Frozen Heart Run at Porterdale Bar & Grill. We get a treat this year as we will be right back down to Florida a few weeks early of Bike Week for the Daytona 500. We will be setting up camp early and staying for the duration of Bike Week. Hope to see you there!!!

One of our slogans this year is a tradition with “Rock the Vote.” No matter if you are for the TV celebrity, the candidate who continues to avoid prosecution, or the several other great potentials, it is critical you get informed with the facts. There is still time to register to vote and it is imperative that we all take part in the process. We don’t get political in our rag. It is not our style. But, we will say we do vote and we vote to ensure our freedoms are not taken away and that we continue to fight to gain more of our hard earn monies so we can continue to grow and provide some of the best content on the east coast.

Make sure you read us on-line and pick up a copy at your favorite local shop. Here is your sneak peak now:

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