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I live and breathe rock n roll. Have since I was a kid. Thank God! my parents have good taste in tunes. I dreamed of becoming a rockstar, GEM (the 80’s cartoon rock chick) was my idol when I was 3, and still kind of is ;) so, as much as I’ve loved most music, never thought I’d become a “dj”…it’s funny how things just happen. Right place at the right time. Or knowing someone who knows someone. That someone was my brother. Ben worked for a rock station in Columbus, Ga (where I’m from) and I was heading to Sturgis, S.D. for the biggest biker rally in the world, with 5 other girls. We were apart of the All American Dream Bikini Team (the website is not up anymore, but you can google image us), we were selling calendars and performing shows everyday at Buffalo Chip. I made cover and Miss September :) So, the afternoon dj, Kelly McCann, (God rest his soul) heard what I was doing through my brother and asked me to come in and giveaway some autographed calendars on air. Guess I made a pretty damn good impression, cause I was asked to come back in and give updates on what happened on our trip…not sure if he was interested more in how many calendars we sold or what 6 hot chicks do at night in a bunk trailer surrounded by bikers. But, either way, I was in. Worked my ass off for 2 years, went from event/remote tech to Midday host. Chris Chaos had everything to do with that. They called me Erin “Rockabitch”, he called me Mistress Erin. Then, I got the call. Val Garris, from Atlanta, wanted me to come work Middays for a new rock station here…I couldn’t leave fast enough. Columbus is a great city to raise a family, but I sure as hell wasn’t ready for that. Atlanta bound. Was given a new handle, “RadioFox”, from a good friend of mine. Worked the station for 3 years, then parted ways. I’m a bit of a gypsy and have nomadic tendencies…and even though I appreciated everything I learned, all the people I met, and the opportunities I had…just wasn’t truly happy.


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