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  • February 28, 2017
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Well, I find this month’s letter off to an interesting start. As you can imagine, we all should be hoping and looking for a break in the weather, anticipating warmer temperatures and thinking of riding or rolling down the windows in our rods while going for a drive. The funny thing is, I do not believe any of us really have put away our rides at all this “winter.” It is a warm 70 degrees outside as I enjoy writing this “kick off to the season” letter to everyone. Sunshine in my eyes. Warm weather on my face. It has been one interesting season for sure.
So, what does that mean? Is it going to be so blazing hot this Summer that not a single one of us will be able to take it? Will the mosquitoes of the South take control of our lives and suck every ounce of life from our veins? Ha, just thinking of how great it is now, makes you wonder about tomorrow just a little bit. Anyway, I love the warm air and will take that any day over freezing in the cold. So, bring it on! Keep the sun shining. It’s time to get out and enjoy another great season and all it has to offer.
This March brings us our traditional Rat Rod issue. This year, we are appreciative to bring you not only a great ride, but a true piece of art. Jeff Watt’s of KiloWatts Creations will introduce you to Jezebel. Not only is Jeff a builder, but also an artist making some of the most eclectic pieces from antiques, old parts, and some kilowatts flair! Not only do you get a small look at the latest project, but we debut with Jeff, the first Dashboard Confessional on Garage71, Sunday, March 18th at 8PM. After reading this month’s feature, we will take an in depth look at Jeff Watt’s life and how he has arrived where he is today, from features in National magazines, to car builds, to motorcycle masterpieces. Following the on-air documentary, we will air the Sideburners in concert at the Earl. It’s about bringing you the subkulture lifestyle. Click here to watch the Kilowatts Trailer.
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There is a lot going on with the crew at Grease Inc. There is actually so much, it is impossible to write it all here in my monthly shout-out. We have a great team that live this lifestyle daily. Many have taken notice, but there are a few out there that we have to give some thanks and recognition to at this time. We want to say thank you to High Octane Coffee Company for supporting Grease Inc. and Garage71. The crew is now “fueled” by High Octane Coffee at the studio and invite anyone in for a visit to taste this unreal locally roasted coffee blend. We want to thank Uppercut Deluxe Pomade for endorsing the gents on the crew. Uppercut will be a part of the Rowdy Gents all season, as we travel coast to coast this year to some amazing events and showcase one heck of a product. Based out of Australia, and supplied by the West Coast, Grease Inc. and Garage71 has been asked to represent the brand on the East. Make sure you come by the lounge and talk to one of the crew about Uppercut Deluxe.
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