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  • By: WittyWhitcomb
  • November 7, 2016
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For the most part we refrain from becoming all political or getting involved into political debates with our rag. We feel it’s not the place for it. Our kulture represents the core values of what America stands for. We admire and emulate our country’s history when it comes to standing up to fight when the reason is just. We believe in the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. We believe in protecting our families. We believe in protecting our rights. We believe hard work is required to achieve these goals, and we hope to provide a better life for our families.
This election year is unique on so many levels. We have taken our highest position in office and have brought down to a reality TV show level, like Jersey Shores. There has never been so many scandals involved on the forefront of any election. The dust is kicked up so much at this point it almost seems hopeless and the American way is lost. Well, the American way is not lost. This is exactly what we need as Americans. We all need to pay closer attention on a regular basis to what is happening on the hill. We need to be more involved and force our rights of inclusion in all processes granted to elected officials. This is our country.
We highly encourage everyone to get out to “Rock the Vote” this November 9th. If you are eligible, it is your civil responsibility to diplomatically cast your vote and respect the vote of others. I believe we are all are doing our part to make the best choice for ourselves, our families, and the future of this great country. There is a lot at stake. The power of the judicial system is at a critical turning point. The country is splintered with racial tension that has not been this present in decades. The corruption of Capital Hill has been exposed to a point such that we, the people, demand answers and elected officials need to be held accountable for their actions.
We are not here to tell you who to vote for. Again, that is not who we are as a group. There are arguments on all sides that both have merit as well as faults. What we can not do is give up. What we must do is make this election the largest turnout our country has ever seen. It’s time to “Rock the Vote.”
By Brian L Whitcomb aka Big Boy557820_3561119144398_1352481249_n
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