Rumblejetts – Summertime Apples

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  • March 3, 2012
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This album is an incredible breath of fresh air and is one of the best things I’ve pumped into my ears in quite a while. I could stop the review right there and be done with it, but my editor sent my document back and asked for more words. It’s a very solid record showing high quality rockabilly exists in the heartland and not just the East or West coast.

My favorite tunes are “Knock Down, Drag Out”, Mary Go Round”, and the track I can’t stop listening to is “Blue Broadway.” The latter track is so friggin’ catchy I want to get everyone I know infected with it’s bopping lyrics so we’re all walking around singing together. It’s rare (for me) to find a band with a sax player and it was a great addition on the record. Since I got “Summertime Apples” it’s become a staple in my DJing library.

One of the things I love about rockabilly music is it’s never offensive to the ears. Someone might love hip-hop, but there are people who abhor it, but everyone can find something enjoyable about rockabilly. Rumblejetts prove this beyond expectations with this release. Hell, listening to the music makes me want to meet the guys and buy them some drinks. They keep a lot of those classic rockabilly necessities while revving it up with some chutzpah!

“Summertime Apples” also passed the driving test. The driving test is whether or not the album rocks hard enough to drive a vehicle at excessive speeds. Reverend Andy, Renegade Grinder, and the Rumblejetts are not to be held responsible for any speeding tickets you may acquire while driving to this album. Now that you’ve finished reading this review, do yourself a favor and buy this album.

Guitar – Jim Holopter
Bass – Jason Ford
Drums – Jud Kite

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