Sinners, Tattoos and Garage71

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  • January 13, 2016
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What do you get when you mix Sinners, Tattoos and Garage71 for a day? You get one awesome tattoo representing Americana nostalgia, Miller High Life. Over the last few years, Garage71 has become entrenched with a great group of brothers, the Bearded Sinners. We even covered a feature in Grease Inc. sharing more details about this band of brotherhood,

At the end of the year, we approached Phillip Duke, owner of Lucky Draw Tattoo, and shared with Phillip that we would like to award a person each month through all of 2016 with a token of our appreciation. We would like this to represent a slogan in which we live by daily, I Am Rich. Something simply said, yet to others, means more than words. I Am Rich & I Am Kustom Kulture are what represents us each day. Rich is life. Rich in Kulture. Rich in friends and family. Rich in Music. We live each day expressing these values which many looking in can not see past our clothes, the tattoos on our skin, or the rides we choose. Yet, if you strip away these distractions, you see the tattoos tell a story. You see that family means more than a birth certificate or a perceived right to live. You see that we are truly rich in friendships, loyalty, believe in the pursuit of happiness and support those in need without hesitation.

In talking with Phillip at Lucky draw, we arranged that each month we are to recognize a person from our kulture and provide a badge of gratitude that will last a life time. This badge is an American icon. It represents to us, tradition, value and heritage. It represents perseverance and a test of time. It represents us. The Girl in the Moon, a symbol of richness in life and kulture best represents our symbol of gratitude.

We will be awarding a person of choice through 2016 that best represents these values. This person is selfless. They go above the required daily routine for their family, the peers and their community. They represent the kulture and a lifestyle that remembers how hard our families worked to make this country a better place for all.

We would like to announce the very first presented individual in our local community, Jaybo Etheridge. A father and husband, Jaybo has supported his local communities in coat collections for the cold, provided food for the hungry, countless of pictures capturing lifetime moments at events with friends and family. He strives to create his own side business and enjoys his down time with his family. We want to congratulate Jaybo and thank him at the same time. He truly represents this lifestyle and sets an example for all to follow.

We look forward throughout 2016 and awarding our lifestyle with this sign of appreciation. Look for the for full line-up of recipients at the next Hell on Wheels, September 24th, 2016.

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