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The history of the Spyder Cup begins five years ago in Hawaii when skateboarding pioneer Steve Steadham saw that the popular tropical destination was the ideal venue for a skateboarding event which promotes both community and a healthy, sports-orientated lifestyle.

After discussing the concept with close friend Michael Kays, who loved the idea, they both began the Spyder Cup together. Once witnessing the raw energy and success of the event for themselves, it wasn’t long before key figures within the extreme sports industry suggested to Steve that he expand the Spyder Cup to the other 49 states.

Having produced the Legends of Vert for ESPN’s X Games two years in a row as well as the Masters of Vert and Street (three events) for the much coveted Maloof Money Cup, both of which are institutions within popular culture, Steve could easily foresee the positive impact that expansion would have on extreme sports and the host communities.

Steadham quickly formulated a strategy meant to take his vision from a handful of events to, in the very near future, a coast to coast, ten stop tour schedule which will inevitably extend beyond current boundaries to include international venues in both well established and emerging markets.

The Spyder Cup is to be comprised of two main events; a pro-am contest with the current top athletes of today and a Legend Pro event involving some of the most influential figures in the history of skateboarding. It’s destined not to be just an exceptional sporting event, but an unforgettable occasion backed by local vendors, musicians, and artists.

The ultimate aim is to be an inclusive, enriching experience that strengthens local economies while culturally bringing entire communities together and providing a stage for all the athletes, whether amateur or pro, to display their abilities in various disciplines of extreme sports.

In 2015, the Spyder Cup Pro-Am is ready to evolve into one of the premier extreme sports, music & art events from which everyone involved can benefit; a completely family and youth orientated program that provides a clean, positive promotional platform for a wide array of industries.

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