The Ghouella DeVille Show Premiere

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  • August 12, 2015
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The Ghouella DeVille Show Premiere

Recorded at the Garage71 Studios

Atlanta’s latest up and coming horror darling is not just your garden variety zombie pinup. She’s well put together from the retro red sunglasses atop her ghost white Bettie Page cut hair, to her stitched green legs stretching up into her black dress like two rotten daisy stems. She’s a walking dead homage to all the late and greats of classic pinup royalty and no longer being alive doesn’t seem to be stopping this macabre Madame from being the life of the party. You can see her chatting with her fellow monsters, taking photos with the curious living, and making sure to make friends with any costumed “zombie killer” guests. She’s a true ambassador of all things that go bump in the night, and Garage 71 couldn’t be happier for her to call our studio the home of her new show.

This cartoon come to life is Ghouella Deville, the self described ‘Pinup of Putrescence’ that has come to turn the world of midnight matinees on its head. Aside from her stunning images of kitschy horror pinup, Miss Deville joins the lost art of horror hosting alongside the likes of Vampira, Elvira, Svengoolie, and The Crypt Keeper as she embarks on her own brand of campy, creepy, and cool in the all new horror show, The Ghouella Deville Show. You’ll be treated to only the best of public domain horror and sci-fi movies from the by-gone days of celluloid sensationalism. Sexy vampire women, giant space monsters, mutant cavemen, and more!

Join in on the upcoming flagship episode as Ghouella hosts the 1972 classic “The Werewolf vs. The Vampire Woman” by tuning in to the live stream channel, “The Vortexx” on Monday August 17th at 9PM(ET). You’ll be able to live chat with Ghouella Deville during the show!

You can always see the show following the premiere on Ghouella’s web page at:

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