The Ghouella DeVille Show Trailer

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  • August

Are you afflicted by an insatiable desire for all things Kooky, Kitschy, and maybe even a little itchy? Don’t worry, it’ll clear up with this special cream, and a generous helping of Ghouella Deville! Garage71 Studios presents the trailer to Ghouella DeVille upcoming teaser for her latest project…

Ghouella Deville is currently looking for talented folks in the Atlanta area to start an online horror review/ variety show! Do you have talent and brains? Mmmm…. Brains…. Then we need you to help out! We need:

  • Comedy Writers
  • Video Editors
  • Graphic Designers
  • Studio Space

Send a Message to [email protected] if you wanna help dig deep and unearth the gem that is cheap jokes and even cheaper tricks that is Ghouella!

The Ghouella DeVille Show is taped and recorded at the Garage71 Studios. For more information about the studios, call us at 678-765-7819

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